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How is Dig different from other candy?


  • Dig candy has high nutritional content, good saturation value and low GI (for an even blood sugar level), so you feel satisfied with less and have longer-lasting energy
  • Natural and minimally processed, no additives and preservatives
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Refined sugar-free
  • No natural or artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours
  • No palm oil

What is Dig?

Dig is healthier candy made from simple, organic ingredients that are proudly displayed on the front of the packaging. This is candy with nothing to hide, because it’s all good.

Who is Dig for?

Health conscious candy lovers!

When should you eat Dig?

Whenever you feel your sweet tooth strike, or need a pick-me-up!

Is Dig organic?


Is Dig vegan?


Is Dig gluten-free?


Who are we?

We want to build a junk-free future and change thecandy industry forever by making it healthier. We’re a small, Swedish family-owned business that started in our kitchen in 2013, and we’re still there creating magic.

Does Dig candy contain sugar?

Dig candy is refined sugar-free – we use coconut sugar and coconut nectar.

Are there nuts in Dig candy?

Some of our products contain nuts, so please check the ingredient list.

How is the packaging sorted for recycling?

The packaging is sorted as soft plastic and the display box is sorted as paper.

Working for sustainability

Stay tuned, more info is coming soon…


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